‘He pulled the trigger’: FBI investigation denies Alec Baldwin for tragedy…

‘He pulled the trigger’: FBI investigation denies Alec Baldwin for tragedy…

Yes I am closed the FBI investigation onfatal accident on film set rust. Most recently on October 21st Alec Baldwin He accidentally fired a pistol he believed was loaded with blanks, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. The FBI has produced several reports, beginning with the one about plaintiff who He claimed he never pulled the trigger and that the blow had happened by accident. However, the FBI denies Baldwin. In fact, the report sent to investigators explains it The gun held by the actor “could not detonate the shot without pulling the trigger”. At the same time it is also said that “the available data do not allow to establish whether the gun was intentionally loaded with real bullets” and that “the random nature of the shot remains confirmed“. At this point, the ball goes to the investigators in charge of the area. They will decide whether to press charges against Alec Baldwin or against other operators in charge of the set.

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