He left me because of this actress Julieta Venegas recalls

“He left me because of this actress,” Julieta Venegas recalls when her ex husband traded her for another

Singer Julieta Venegas recalled her marital experience with Chilean musician Álvaro Henríquez, whom she married in 1998, three years after releasing her first record material.

“I met him because he’s a musician, he’s always lived in Chile and I’ve always lived in Mexico, we got married but everyone lives in their own country,” said the interpreter during the interview that Yordi Rosado conducted with her.

Although both artists lived miles apart, that wasn’t an obstacle for either of them saying “I accept” at their wedding, since the question of where they would live, they said at the time, would decide later, the singer recalled.

“We get married and then we sort out the question of where we’re going to live and no one’s ever moved from their country, it was never resolved and we broke up more or less quickly,” the singer-songwriter explained.

“He wrote me a super beautiful, very romantic song called ‘Don’t Fail Me’, which is beautiful, and in the video clip that was made from that song, there came out an actress who later fell in love and me for that actress left. ‘ he shared.

Venegas currently recalls the experience as “funny” as he bears no grudges against the singer he says he adores, but at the time he admitted it was painful, despite expecting from the start that the relationship would unravel by geographic distance.

“I love the twists (of life), eventually what happened would happen, but it was very funny because it was the exact video clip of the song that he wrote for me,” he said.

With the songs in Spanish she feels closer

During this conversation, Julieta Venegas shared different moments of her life to understand how the artist that the public knows today and who has already won 10 Latin Grammys, two International Grammys and many more awards, was born and was also an ambassador for UNICEF.

The composer shared that she learned English thanks to television, since she never learned the English language as such and did not write songs for it in this language.

“I’ve always felt emotionally closer to Spanish, I was once invited to be a lyricist for a musical that was happening at the border, so there were songs in English and Spanish, at that moment I thought ‘how crazy can I’ (make songs in English),” he said.