He jumps out of a helicopter into the sea to propose marriage… and ends up at the post office

He jumps out of a helicopter into the sea to propose marriage… and ends up at the post office

The marriage proposal should be unusual. Mostly illegal…

A helicopter flying very low and very close to Montgat beach (north of Barcelona) mesmerized swimmers and holidaymakers last Sunday. But most of all, it sparked a panic movementA man jumped out of the helicopter into the sea.

Alarmed, the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police) quickly found the helicopter and its pilot to understand the rationale for this scene, worthy of an action movie.

The pilot quickly admitted everything: he helped make a friend his unusual marriage proposal. The scenario of this crazy request is not fully clear, but according to the website El Caso, the fiancé would have liked to surprise his future wife by jumping into the water after asking her.

\ud83d\udd34 @ Mossos ha identificat el pilot d’aquest helicopter (EC-KRB) que duumenge va deixar caure dos homes al mar, a Montgat, al Maresme. Era de loguer i els que van saltar eren amics del pilot. És perillós i està forbid fer-ho. Serà enviat informs AESA per sanció. @elcasocat pic.twitter.com/rB5mfTphTg

— Guillem Ramos-Salvat (@ramossalvat) August 17, 2022

The story does not say whether the young bride was conquered and whether she will soon be married to the one who will definitely be the subject of the charges.

It is not allowed to fly in a helicopter

The Catalan police have already gotten their hands on the pilot, who is responsible for this completely illegal act and who, given the danger he poses to the “actors” but also to anyone nearby, should at least have an official permit. in the water or on the beach.

In addition, the pilot violates. Although he has a pilot’s license, he is not allowed to fly a helicopter. The unusual marriage proposal will therefore end up in court. The Sabadell Aeroclub, where the helicopter was chartered, filed a complaint, while a report was sent to the National Aviation Safety Agency for possible administrative sanctions.