He is drifting on a snowy road in his Testarossa

He is drifting on a snowy road in his Testarossa – Auto Plus

A Testarossa in the snow? What a strange idea… However, this driver didn’t hesitate to drive his Ferrari on snowy roads!

Driving on snow is never without risk, especially when it’s not designed for snowy roads. It is therefore not advisable to get started a performance demonstration in winter weather. Something most riders will avoid, no matter how talented they are.

Except for this one owner Ferrari Testarossa, who did not hesitate to organize a short trip with his car in the middle of a snowstorm and while the road was covered with a thick layer of snow. The worst part of the story is that he didn’t even bother to put winter tires on his car. So unconsciousness, proof of performance of old Ferraris or both at the same time?

A series of drifts on the snow in a Ferrari Testarossa

Granted, the Ferrari Testarossa is one of those luxury models that shouldn’t stay in the garage. The Italian manufacturer intends to make rather an everyday vehicle. But I’m not sure if it’s rated for driving in winter weather. In any case, many would not think of driving a Ferrari in snowy weather, especially without the right equipment.

However, a driver who must be particularly talented got behind the wheel of a Testarossa on a completely snow-covered road. He started even braver Chain the drifts one after the other. Suffice it to say that not everyone is capable of such feats!

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Crazy about driving?

The entire performance of this unknown driver was filmed broadcast on Youtube. The video appears to show that the Testarossa was not equipped for snow driving. Which leaves the question of whether his driver was more clueless than anything else. Despite this, he had no accidents and his Ferrari didn’t get a single scratch.

Of course, the way his performance was filmed suggests that the trip had been meticulously prepared in advance. The film could be a bit reminiscent of a Ferrari advertisement to praise the merits of its Testarossa. Nevertheless, the video is impressive and displays this Ferrari beautifully !