He had a metal ring attached to the base of

He had a metal ring attached to the base of his penis… six months later it was removed with a circular saw

essential A seventy-year-old had put a metal ring on the base of his penis. After waiting six months, he finally saw a doctor and was able to have surgery.

According to Health Magazine, a 72-year-old Chinese man slipped a 2 cm thick metal ring around the base of his penis. After the accessory got stuck, the man waited six months before seeing a doctor. His limb, which was in great pain, was severely swollen, the Asian Journal of Surgery revealed. “Penile strangulation is a rare surgical emergency that requires urgent attention. It is usually caused by a foreign object being trapped at the base of the penis, and chronic strangulation caused by the same reason is even rarer,” the authors note.

The firefighters could do nothing.

“On examination, a metal ring approximately 2 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm wide was taped around the base of the penis,” they continue. To remove the piece of metal, the medical team called the fire brigade to no avail. The latter then decided to cut the ring with a circular saw. After a two-hour operation, the seventy-year-old’s penis could not be completely saved: dead tissue at its base had to be removed. “The challenge of penile strangulation is to find the appropriate method to remove the foreign bodies and repair the resulting damage,” the authors emphasize. The man stayed in the hospital for seven days, he was treated with antibiotics and his penis became severely swollen.