He ended up in a wheelchair: After 44 years at Televisa and 8 heart attacks, the TV Azteca actor joins “Hoy”

He ended up in a wheelchair: After 44 years at Televisa and 8 heart attacks, the TV Azteca actor joins “Hoy”

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Mexico City.- A renowned leading man who has 44 years of experience in TV and some time ago he surprised by joining the ranks of Aztec televisionreappeared in the program this morning of Wednesday 10th August today and then made a dramatic confession On the verge of death. It’s about the treasure Caesar Bonowho gave an exclusive interview to discuss his health after nearly losing his life weeks ago.

Like the also Mexican comedian from 71 years has had an impeccable artistic career in San Ángel, where he took part in endearing telenovelas such as One original and twenty copies, angel’s face, Amy, the girl with the blue backpackRebel, distill love, little piece of heaven, wake up with you, among others. But without a doubt he is best known for his role as “Frankie Rivers” in the winning streak Neighbors.

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In addition, he has made a career in cinema, where he has been a supporting actor and voice actor and has even worked for the Ajusco company. At the end of December 2017, Don César appeared as a special guest of the program windows to announce his debut on the Canal Azteca Uno participating in the melodrama 3 families. He was there too Telemundowhere they hired him to do the series Betty in New York.

Cesar Bono in “Winding”

However, the CDMX native remains loyal to Televisa and recently gave an interview to the morning paper Las Estrellas to discuss his recent rush to hospital. We must remember that a few months ago the histrion relying on a wheelchair and a cane to get around, he underwent emergency surgery after presenting one bleeding from an ulcer in the stomach, a situation that put him in mortal danger.

Bono declared in front of the cameras and microphones today that this time his life was in more danger than ever and he even admitted that he was on the other side of death for a few minutes: “I wasn’t of this world.” The first actor explained that the last image he knows before his surgery is seeing a lot of “blood” coming out of the stomach ulcer, and from there he doesn’t remember anything until two weeks after the surgery.

I really broke up.”

Now that he is happily recovered and back to work, Don César sent an emotional and powerful message to the show’s entire audience, saying he was extremely grateful for this new opportunity to live on: “It’s something very beautiful, I wear it my shirt from ‘All you need is love’ (the only what you need is love) by The Beatles, the only thing this world does is love,” he commented very emotionally.

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