“He didn’t sign the OTSC agreement.”  And in public it scans VIDEO

“He didn’t sign the OTSC agreement.” And in public it scans VIDEO

expelled fromwestdiscouraged by many in Russia and now also estranged from the allies. The world of Wladimir Putin was overturned War in Ukraine. It was supposed to be a simple operation, but it turned into a lengthy “De profundis” by the Tsar.

The latest episode comes from the conference of the OTSC, the NATO-like committee formed by the six post-Soviet countries of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Member state leaders met in Yerevan and the host, Armenian President Nikol Pashinyan, broke the home front by deciding not to sign the final draft statement. A symbolic act that emphasizes Putin’s current isolation.

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What happened

The climate of tension between Russia and Armenia was felt from the early hours of the morning, when Pashinyan conspicuously avoided Putin for the ritual photo. The President of Armenia says something to Japarov (President of Kyrgyzstan) and leaves his colleague from Moscow. Then he poses for the photographers who capture the scene. A gesture noticed by Putin, who tries to ignore it. However, the embarrassment is obvious. The tension continued in the hours that followed, culminating when the other heads of state, seated around the round table and ready to sign the final declaration, were speechless at Pashinyan’s step back.

The Armenian President has decided not to sign the agreement, which was found with great difficulty. Putin throws the pen away in a gesture of anger while Lukashenko (very loyal and friend of the Russian leader) seems speechless. In the final press conference, Putin tried to soften the case: “It is seldom possible to reach an agreement on all issues, but overall the work has been very intensive and useful.” But the rift is obvious and highlights Putin’s difficulties with his allies. Even China has recently shown restraint towards Moscow.

Why is Armenia dropping Russia?

The rupture between Armenia and Russia (although economic ties are currently still solid) is certainly not a surprise and has a very specific reason. When tensions with Azerbaijan escalated in September, Yerevan expected an intervention from its Russian ally, but this failed. Putin limited himself to saying he was “concerned about what is happening,” but support for Armenia was nil.

An immobility mainly due to the war in Ukraine, which did not allow the Kremlin to deploy new precious resources elsewhere. So much so that Azerbaijan was able to strike within Armenian borders for the first time. Article 4 of the CSTO stipulates (as with NATO) that an attack on one member is considered an attack on all, and obliges other members to provide military assistance. But the Russians broke this pact and unleashed the wrath of the Armenians.

Last updated: Thursday 24 November 2022 13:36