He blocked four shots in one go!  Who is Shuichi Gonda, Japan’s secret weapon?

He blocked four shots in one go! Who is Shuichi Gonda, Japan’s secret weapon?

He blocked four shots in one go Who is Shuichi

Only three days have passed since the start of the first phase of the World Cup Qatar 2022 and there have already been dozens of upsets, from Spain’s 7-0 win over Costa Rica to defeats by established sides like Argentina and Germany.

Exactly, in Japan vs. GermanyAnother big surprise was the goalkeeper’s performance Shuichi Gonda, who blocked eight shots from the Germans, which secured the victory against the German team. Who is this Japanese man with the “golden hands”?

The Germans lost to the Asian team. Photo: Composition by Fabrizio Oviedo/La República

Who is Shuichi Gonda, Japan’s secret weapon at this World Cup?

Shuichi Gonda He is 33 years old and originally from Tokyo. He is 1.87 meters tall and is the goalkeeper of the Shimizu S-Pulsea Japanese football club founded in 1991.

The goalkeeper started his career at FC Tokyo, then went on loan to SV Hord in Austria and continued it at Sagan Tosu in Japan in 2017. Then in 2019 it passed to the portimonense from Portugal and stay at the Shimizu S-Pulse.

Despite his football career spanning more than 15 years, he has also been part of the team as a substitute ever since World from Brazil 2014Shuichi Gonda is unknown to most football fans and viewers Qatar 2022.

Hence his spectacular performance in the Japan vs. Germany was a pleasant surprise as he saved eight shots from the German team (four in a single offensive game by Germany). This after causing a penalty against his team by colliding with a player from the opposing team, which he was unable to cover.

The moment that caused the penalty in favor of Germany. Photo: Portal/Molly Darlington

After that, however, he blocked all shots on goal by the German team and thus secured the Japanese victory. can Shuichi Gonda continue this achievement with Japan in the following games?

From baker to forward: who is Takuma Asano, the Japanese who scored the second goal against Germany?

Takuma Asano scored the second goal in the game Japan vs. Germany. Photo: Composition of the Republic/Instagram/Takuma Asano/AFP

The Japanese striker Takuma Asano He is 28 years old and currently plays for German club VFL Bochum. He has also played for other German teams such as Stuttgart and Hannover 96, which some analysts credit for his performance against German rivals.

However, one of his greatest successes was at Serbian club Partizan Belgrade, where he scored 21 goals. And just as he distributes goals, he also supplies bread. Takuma Asano founded and owns a bakery called “朝のらしさ” (“Asanorashisa”) in Japan in 2020. The bakery account even shares contributions to the World Cup.

“Super Campeones” mimicked the result of Germany vs. Japan

The chapter that foreshadowed what would be seen in the Qatar 2022 game between the two teams was part of the second season of the anime.

The Japanese team plays the final against Germany and the European team starts with a win. However, the Japanese team drew 1-1 with a combination of Oliver and Tom Misaki only to later turn to 2-1 through a goal from Steve Hyuga.