He beat his fiancee to death they slashed his face

He beat his fiancee to death, they slashed his face in jail

After beating his ex-girlfriend Nadine Lott to death while their 6-year-old daughter slept in 2019, Daniel Murtagh himself was the victim of a brutal caning three days ago at Midlands Prison, where he is serving a life sentence.

According to British media reports, Daniel Murtagh found his face torn “from temple to chin”. “Murtagh lost a lot of blood when prison staff rescued him and took him to the local Portlaoise hospital. ‘He will bear the scars of what happened today for the rest of his life,’ explain the prison officials, who are reporting the story to settle scores with other inmates.

The murder of Nadine Lott at her home in Arklow, County Wicklow has shocked the British public. The woman was so badly beaten that her face could hardly be seen, and medical staff who arrived at the scene were reportedly “devastated” by her injuries. Nadine died three days later from “extreme and absurd” wounds at St. Vincent’s Hospital. During the trial it was fabricated that he suffered “traumatic injuries to his head, neck and chest.” The couple’s neighbor, a witness at the trial, told the trial that she found Murtagh “in a crouched position” over the victim, with her hands around his neck and shoulders. She said he let out a “growl” and was “enraged” when he attacked her.