Have you ever seen Umberto Smaila’s son?  How it is and what it does in life    Tutto News

Have you ever seen Umberto Smaila’s son? How it is and what it does in life Tutto News

Umberto Smaila, face of the 90s, we all know him but have you ever seen his son? His name is Rudy and in life before…

Italian author, stand-up comedian, musician, composer, showman, conductor and entrepreneur. Unbelievable that one man can do all these things, but Umberto Smaila managed to skillfully manage himself. His debut took place in the 70’s together with the comedy group “The Cats of Vicolo Miracoli”. There have been many films and TV shows that have opened their doors to him not only as a comedian but also as a musician. Then in the 1990s he decided to focus only on cinema and entrepreneurship. In fact, there are many Smailas places around the world.

Have you ever seen Umberto Smaila’s son? His name is Rudy and many say he is identical to his father

Umberto was born in Verona and has Rijeka origins, his parents are actually exiles from Rijeka who arrived in Italy just a year before Umberto’s birth. Since the beginning of his career, he has become one of the most important faces of Italian television, especially after directing Colpo grosso. However, some do not know that Umberto has four children, three boys and one girl. Among these, today we are going to talk about Rudy trying to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Umberto’s son was born on August 4, 1982. Growing up, he always watched his father behind the scenes of his shows or on the sets of films that starred him as a protagonist. Growing up like this, it was inevitable that I would develop a passion for the world of entertainment. In fact, it has many appearances not only on the mini but also on the maxi screen. Rudy plays and sings like his father. It looks just as promising as Umberto. Perhaps the fact that Umberto chose his friend and colleague Jerry Calà to be Rudy’s godfather was also an accomplice in fueling his passion.

Have you ever seen Umberto Smailas son How it is

Umberto’s son followed in his father’s footsteps at the age of 19. He began to try his hand at singing, and then embarked on a long education that brought him closer to the world of entertainment. The godfather chose him for two of his films “Vita smeralda” and “Returning to live alone”. Rudy has had the opportunity to find his place in the world of entertainment and has also collaborated with artists such as Adriano Gianni and Serena Autieri. We recently saw him on TV on Dancing with the Stars, where he proved that he’s not such a bad dancer after all.

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