Have you ever seen Salvatore, Raimondo Todaro’s brother?  That’s how it is and what it does in life    Tutto News

Have you ever seen Salvatore, Raimondo Todaro’s brother? That’s how it is and what it does in life Tutto News

Have you ever seen the dancer Raimondo Todaro’s brother? Here’s what it’s called and how much it resembles the former Dancing with the Stars pro.

Born in 1987, Sicilian Raimondo Todaro has become one of the most popular Italian professionals on the small screen and in the world of dance. He gained notoriety thanks to Ballando con le Stelle, the television show hosted by Milly Carlucci, in which he won several times, leading many personalities from the world of entertainment. For a year she has been at the professorship of the Amici di Maria de Filippi school, where she created different dynamics by clashing with the indomitable teacher Alessandra Celentano.

Certainly the gossip has not spared him due to the separation and the alleged betrayal of his wife, the beautiful Amici dancer Francesca Tocca, with whom he also had a child. “The other” was a student of the talent show Canale 5. Everything was settled and the two got back together. What many may not know about him: The dance teacher also has a brother. His name is Salvatore and some information about his private life and interests appears on the web.

Salvatore Todaro: Who is Raimondo’s brother?

There is not much information about Salvatore Todaro, Raimondo Todaro’s brother. He lived part of his childhood in Castelnuovo del Garda, in the province of Verona, leaving the south at a very young age to pursue his dreams. He started dancing with his brother at a very young age. The latter managed to combine the passion for dance with the world of entertainment, but together the two decided to create a dance project in their beloved Sicily to give younger dancers a point of reference. .

The two have opened a dance school in Catania and devote themselves to this activity with great commitment. Their passion deeply binds them together and allows them to see each other despite the teacher’s television commitments. Salvatore Todaro, like Raimondo, has a daughter named Asia, but nothing is known about his wife or any hypothetical partner by his side. In addition to dancing, he also shows a strong passion for football and for multi-champion Cristiano Ronaldo with his posts on Instagram. In short, the two brothers appear to be very similar, especially when it comes to work and interests, and their dance school proves it. Here it is in a photo by the sea:

Have you ever seen Salvatore Raimondo Todaros brother Thats how

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