Have a seat before meeting Ricky Martin’s husband Jwan Yosef at 17

Have a seat before meeting Ricky Martin’s husband Jwan Yosef at 17

Puerto Rican singer Rick Martin The 50-year-old is happy about a great gift, professionally she sweeps the new play songs and privately she has just celebrated the 14th birthday of her eldest sons Matteo and Valentino and is more than in love with her husband Ivan Joseph in social networks.

Rick Martin First contact with Ivan Joseph They talked for several months on social networks until they met in person in London. The singer has confessed more than once that the crush was instant, so much so that they married in 2015 and never split.

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Recently, the couple faced rumors of infidelity and breakup, but love is stronger and Rick Martin was shown yesterday Ivan Joseph on a homemade postcard that shows them closer than ever. The singer’s husband is a visual artist and more than once travels to Europe for work, which is why every reunion between them is a party.

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Ricky Martin and Ivan Joseph. Source: Terra Archive

In the last few hours, a postcard showing him has gone viral on social media Ivan Joseph in full youth and in which the visual artist was only 17 years old. the husband of Rick Martin He comes out in a bathing suit on a boat enjoying the ride with his brothers.

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Ivan Yosef at the age of 17. Source: Instagram @jwanyosef

“Going back to the 70’s, sorry back to 2001, those days when my young self was rocking his sideburns like a boss,” he wrote. Ivan Joseph next to the postcard that shows him a few years ago, but where he keeps his features and the beauty he fell in love with Rick Martin.