Harvey Pinard challenges prejudice

Harvey-Pinard challenges prejudice

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard is the best example of how perseverance, the unrestrained pursuit of excellence and talent can sometimes defy projection. Let’s face it, a seventh-round pick usually has a slim chance of making the National League.

What a beautiful story this player has!

Despite the many obstacles, despite the prejudices that usually accompany small players, he manages to overcome the obstacles with a determination that allows him to push even further the possibility of realizing his dream, which is a place in the dressing room to get the hab.

For now, the Canadian’s decision-makers applaud Harvey-Pinard’s actions. You’re probably just as amazed as the team’s supporters. Finally, they need to review the workforce assessment and think about making room for the Quebec winger.

Extra Minutes

I know we tend to get carried away easily.

But let’s realize that he could be a game changer because in the scenario developed by Jeff Gorton, Kent Hughes and Martin St-Louis, was there a role for this player who impresses every time he appears on the ice?

We doubt it.

On the other hand, the coach quickly understood that the young man was asking for a few extra minutes on the pitch, showing an exceptional sense of duty, by approaching with the energy of desperation, by confirming that he could make a solid contribution to the team in many situations.

For example: Outnumbered, he scored the first of his two goals while the Canadian was playing with a player in the penalty area.

In the power play, Ville Husso robbed him of the winning goal in overtime.

It has been used for more than 16 minutes. With his playmates Alex Belzile and Michael Pezzetta, they dominated the opposition throughout the game, scoring all three goals for their team.

winning conditions

“RHP” does not hide that it is in a context where win conditions are within reach. This team is decimated by injuries and this is an opportunity to pass an audition that will leave a strong message.

Since his recall, Harvey-Pinard has attracted attention.

His speed serves him well in a league that’s increasingly focused on speed and execution. He anticipates the game well, he makes the right decisions and his actions bring amazing results.

convincing words

“I want to show that I can develop in this league and I will take the means to prove that,” he said.

It’s not arrogance, it’s the words of a young man who knows that these people who don’t believe in small players could be wrong. Year after year, since his minor hockey seasons, he has had to prove himself.

But it is still necessary to have the talent to achieve a certain level of excellence.

On this point, to the surprise of many observers, Harvey-Pinard has risen through the ranks because he knows how to deal with adversity and because he also has the qualities to surprise the opponent.

Didn’t he impress with the goal scored when he was annoyed with an opposing defender and a backhand shot landed the puck in the top of the net?

It has to be done…

Harvey-Pinard wants to clear all doubts.

He will make all the arguments to help leaders decide whether or not he will stay in Montreal.

He did it everywhere he went.

And each time he pleaded his case brilliantly.

Like now.

Impatience grows towards Monahan

The recruiters, who are closely following the Canadian, are growing impatient.

When does Sean Monahan play? In Denver, the Avalanche dismissed the idea of ​​making a trade for Bo Horvat. It is too expensive!

In Winnipeg, Monahan would be welcomed with open arms, but what will Kent Hughes ask for?

And strangely enough, the devils with their big ambitions are studying the Monahan file…

Cole Caufield confirmed yesterday that he made the right decision by withdrawing from competition to undergo shoulder surgery.

He had to treat this injury twice this season. The health of the athlete comes before the competition…

A quick observation: Jakob Pelletier and Rafaël Harve-Pinard are two players who find themselves in the same situation.

The Little Players

They’re trying to convince their bosses that smart little players can compete in the National League. Pelletier appears to have earned Darryl Sutter’s trust.

Does the Flames coach really have a choice after watching his team lose 5-1 to poor Chicago Blackhawks?

In Montreal, Martin St-Louis gives Rafaël Harvey-Pinard an opportunity to continue his momentum. There are several similarities between the two players, including race number: 49…

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