Harry the most intimate confession about Lady Diana quotMajor traumaquot

Harry, the most intimate confession about Lady Diana: "Major trauma". What it says

Harry and Meghan have started their new project. This happened on August 29, when the Dukes of Sussex presented the Netflix-produced documentary “Heart of Invictus,” dedicated to the Invictus Games, the sporting event for war veterans. In the documentary announced two years ago, Prince Harry is the big protagonist of the scene, who also took a few pebbles from his shoes on this occasion and threw a few swipes at the royal family. The subject of the prince’s story is the death of Lady Diana and the suffering that her mother’s death brings with it.

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“I can only talk about my personal experience, my trip to Afghanistan in 2012 as an Apache helicopter pilot. After that something started to crumble and the trigger for me was returning from Afghanistan. In reality it all started much earlier, mother in 1997, when I was 12 years old, at that age the trauma was great… I wasn’t aware of it, it was never talked about. I didn’t talk about it. “I repressed it like a lot of young people would have done…” explained Prince Harry. Many have read in Harry’s words a veiled accusation made against the Windsors.

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“No one around me could really help me. I had no support structures or expert advice to truly understand what was happening to me. Unfortunately, like most of us, the first time you really think about therapy is when you’re lying on the floor in a fetal position, I probably wish you had looked into these things sooner, and that’s it, what I really want to change,” concluded the prince.