Harry and Meghan its all over radical change ​​​​​​

Harry and Meghan, it’s all over: radical change ​​​​​​

A forced move for Harry Windsor and his wife Meghan Markle. The two spouses are forced to say a painful goodbye

Difficult moment for the Dukes of Sussex. Harry and Meganone of the internationally most discussed couples, are faced with a difficult but now imperative decision.

Harry MeganHarry and Meghan Markle (internet source)

Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle They have to say goodbye to one of the most important qualities of their life as a couple. That is the dream villa over $14 million they’ve lived in since becoming husband and wife.

The villa that is located in Montecito, a very affluent neighborhood in Santa Barbara, is reluctantly abandoned by the couple. Harry and Meghan made this inevitable decision due to the lack of security in the area and the gods suffered various theft attempts.

Where will Harry and Meghan live? A new extra luxury home has already been selected

Harry and Megan So they made the terrible decision. The house where their love was born and where the couple’s two children were born is up for sale. Despite the neighborhood Montecito was reinforced by surveillance cameras and increased patrols by local police.

Famous figures of the caliber also live in the area Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey, the latter very amicable with the Sussexes and known for the shock interview a few years ago.

As the Californian press claims, Harry and Meghan have already found each other a great alternative, but moved from Montecito. This is an extra luxury home that is always close by Santa Barbara.

This is the residential and private neighborhood of hope ranchabout 2,200 residents north of Santa Barbara: The community has a country club members only, golf courses and tennis courts, picnic areasan exclusive beach with pedestrian access e different bridle paths, just as many of the residents own a horse. Furthermore, of course, in addition to the regional authorities a private security service. hope ranchHope Ranch (web source)

A true paradise where the Dukes of Sussex can live with greater serenity and peace. It’s not official yet, but Harry and Meghan are seriously considering investing heavily between 5 and 25 million dollars for a mansion at Hope Ranch.