Harry and Meghan in public the strategy to silence divorce

Harry and Meghan in public: the strategy to silence divorce rumors

The rumors they would like to have Harry And Meghan They were on the verge of divorce due to irreconcilable character differences and suffered a temporary, sudden setback in August 2023. In fact, after a long silence full of media conclusions and conjectures, the Dukes appeared in public twice, smiling and seemingly happy. What better way to show the whole world that all is well and reaffirm the couple’s supposed unity in the face of what is viewed as a vicious and lying press? But the new public events could become another source of suspicion. Many are wondering whether the Sussexes’ complicit attitude was really proof of their love or a cleverly orchestrated persuasion strategy.

Different “ambitions”.

The marriage between Harry and Meghan would have failed, the Duchess would have preferred to concentrate only on her career and her husband, with his traumas and complaints, would have become a classic “crack and chain” for her. The shadow that obscures the light of success. However, the Duke is thinking about returning to London and reconnecting with his family of origin and, according to Lady Colin Campbell, he has already contacted lawyers Divorce lawyers. He would even spend a lot of time alone at the San Vincente Bungalow near Montecito, a place where he “takes refuge” to stay away from Meghan and not hear her alleged allegations. “They no longer have the same ambitions,” wrote the Telegraph.

No confirmation, no rejection. There are only rumors that Harry and Meghan tried to sweep her away by returning after weeks to see each other twice. The first is from August 3rd, the eve of the Duchess’s 42nd birthday. THE Sussex They posted a 2 minute and 40 second video of themselves sitting next to each other in the garden of their Montecito villa. The couple, all smiles and knowing looks, were filmed calling the winners of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund. It is an association that supports the responsible use of new technologies and youth projects in this area. The Archewell Foundation is a founding member.

The video wasn’t enough to calm rumors of a possible divorce. Some argue that the proof of the marriage’s failure lies in Harry’s imminent departureAfrica. However, an insider told Ok magazine: “It’s okay, Harry will go to Africa alone, but it’s a business trip.” In fact, the prince is expected to make a documentary about the continent, but there are no more at the moment Details on this topic leaked.

However, on August 4, 2023, the Dukes were spotted having dinner with friends at a well-known and luxurious Italian restaurant in Montecito, “The Three Moons”. It seems that at the end of the evening the prince said to his guests: “Meghan and me? I never thought about leaving us. But some customers who were present in the restaurant at the same time described the couple’s relaxed and happy expression as “a good deed”.

In addition to public appearances, the Sussexes also have a new project: the production of the Netflix film based on the novel “Meet me at the Lake” by Carley Fortune. A story that has a lot in common with the lives of Harry and Meghan, starting with the fate of the protagonist’s mother, who died in a car accident reminiscent of that of Lady Diana in the Alma Tunnel.

However, Harry and Meghan are not entirely convincing

For Harry and Meghan, the appearance is the most direct and easiest way to deny rumors about an alleged divorce. You just need to know how to harness the powerPicture. Words, for example a message from a speaker, would not have had the same media impact. Furthermore, a response to the gossip would have been an admission of interest, let’s put it that way: the Sussexes would have shown the whole world that they were affected by the gossip, that they had taken it into account by stepping down from their pedestal. I have to answer and am therefore somewhat dependent on the opinion of others.

A picture, on the other hand, says it all (or at least everything I… Dukes they want to let people know) without the need for words. Indirectly, as if it were a message between the lines. The observer can form an image of what he has seen, but he will never have proof that his interpretation is correct.

In fact, no one who looks at the video of the charity initiative or the photos at the Tre Lune restaurant will be able to confirm with certainty the theory that it is one strategy, but he won’t be able to deny it either. For this reason, anything the Sussexes do to fend off rumors is never entirely convincing. There are always doubts that make us hover between truth and lies. This is where body language experts come in and try to “read” the images to understand what Harry and Meghan’s behavior “communicates.” Everything the couple doesn’t say in words.

“Potential tension”

Judi James, body language expert, analyzed the video in which I Dukes of Sussex reward winners of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund and its conclusions, revealed to the Mirror, are not so optimistic: “Harry and Meghan are so full of smiles in this clip that they look like excited parents hunched over the phone , while answering the call.” First call from their son, who left home to go to university.” The two, according to the expert, “sit close to each other with the phone held between them and change positions several times”, but “in the clip there is no physical contact between the two and not even mutual glances”. “Eye contact” would be completely absent, James emphasized. “At one point, Meghan looks down while listening to the speaker and her eyes seem to rise, but her gaze falls again before she reaches Harry’s eyes.” Judi James is sure: “There are small signs of possible tension. “

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Harry’s “fear”.

There would be another hint of the “tension” that Judi James spoke of. On August 8th last year, Prince Harry arrived Tokyo to watch an Isps Sports Values ​​​​Summit-Special Edition charity polo match with his friend Ignacio Figueras. In the photos and videos taken at Haneda Airport, the Duke appeared calm and smiling, but even in this case, James would have found small but clear signs that something was not right.

Always at the mirrorexpert said: “The body language in this footage is intense, suggesting that Harry has inherited from his mother Diana the trait of changing and contrasting facial expressions and emotions, which can fluctuate or reverse. [andando] From happiness to deep sadness in a moment. Diana’s smile could disappear as soon as we looked at her, and so did Harry’s smile. No expression can be fixed on his face and his relaxed and happy expression instantly turns into one of fear and torment.

Is this constant fluctuation of expressions and feelings that Judi James finds really the reflection of the prince’s fears, or is it just a character trait that reflects the most immediate feelings associated with the context of a particular moment? Impossible to say. Even if these sudden changes were related to Harry’s deepest feelings, no one could confidently claim (but deny) that they were due to a crisis Meghan.

“It’s not true, it’s literally made up,” a source told Page Six about the alleged gossip divorce the Sussexes. But there are those who, on the contrary, swear that everything is true. Who knows, perhaps the truth, as is often the case, lies somewhere in the middle: perhaps the Dukes have had a dark time but are now trying to emerge from it. However, the result could be everything to be happy about.