Hammer blow in Calixa Lavallee A video shows the suspects fleeing

Hammer blow in Calixa-Lavallée: A video shows the suspects fleeing

The suspects in the violent attack with a hammer that occurred Monday afternoon at Calixa Lavallée High School were filmed.

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Video obtained by TVA Nouvelles shows youngsters running at full speed through the snow. One of the people seems to be holding a blunt object in his hands.

It is also possible to hear one or more people screaming at the scene.

The suspects, who are believed not to be students at the school, ran away and still had not been arrested nearly 48 hours after the events.

The teenager was taken to hospital to be treated for his serious injuries. At one point, the doctors even feared for his life. He would now be out of danger.

In addition to investigators continuing their work to find the attackers, several socio-community agents, community development consultants and other local stakeholders have been deployed to reassure the sector’s population.

The SPVM invites anyone with information about this violent attack to contact Info-Crime at 514.393-1133 or 911.