Half a Metro gets upset because Molotov has led to

Half a Metro gets upset because Molotov has led to his imitation; ‘You invited the pug face’ Mediotitempo

A few weeks ago, a dancer became a trend on Tik Tok because he captivated internet users with his ingenious dance moves. It was about Medio Metro, which gradually became famous because of his viral videos.

José Eduardo Rodríguez, real name of Medio Metro, along with Sonido Pirata, They were the kings of social networks thanks to his videos in the Sonidero dances. However, the little dancer has decided to end their relationship and is looking for better job opportunities himself.

Molotov invited the flat Half Metro?

Through their social networks Medio Metro, which is said to be the originalscolded the Mexican band for inviting Sonido Pirata’s new dancer, who dresses and performs the same dance steps as he does.

What a courage dog gives me Molotow (sic) invited to the face of pug from my imitation and not from me that I am the original,” wrote José Eduardo on his Twitter account.

What did Medio Metro do with Molotow?

In a video that has gone viral, members of Milotov, Micky Huidobro, Tito Fuentes, Randy Ebright and Paco Ayala, they invited the new Medio Metro to one of their concertswho was encouraged to throw himself into the audience.

“Will they catch him? Yes, now”. While another says, “no they won’t catch it wey it’s like it weighs a lot,” they commented.