Hailey Bieber’s Calzedonia tights are the most versatile winter tights Elle

Transparent or opaque? Black or colorful? Smooth or with funny motifs? It may seem trivial, but this Choice of tights It’s really hard. Many of you consider stockings to be an insignificant detail that has the sole function of protecting your legs during the cold months, in fact stockings and tights can completely change the look of a look. For example, it would be just as sensual Hailey Bieber if instead pantyhose sheer blacks by Calzedonia Was she wearing a pair of fuchsia stockings? The model faces the cold of New York, wrapped in an ecological maxi fur coat by Saint Laurent and very seductive and very transparent black stockings, perfect even to be worn with sandals, just like singer Justin Bieber’s wife.

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That Fashion trends fall winter 2022 2023 suggest socks in every version, from rhinestones and various logos to tights in trendy and bright colors, but the black classics always stay in pole position. especially the Socks under 30 denier They are most often worn in the evening, combined with dresses or mini-skirts with a party soul, but there are those who do not spurn them during the day either in combination with Parisians significantly thicker and more opaque.

Delicate but resilient, ie pantyhose They have a very long history, in fact the first pair dates back to 1938 when nylon was used in DuPont’s American laboratories to make women’s stockings and since then tights have never left us. This winter, give socks the importance they deserve because, in addition to being inseparable (and essential) companions on the coldest days, they are also nice to show off and here we tell you how.

How to combine transparent tights by Hailey Bieber this winter

The model wears black sheer stockings combined with a decidedly sassy look, but the tights are so versatile you can’t go wrong. Like when you can’t wait to wear this for New Year’s Eve red mini dress that you love so much, but whatever you’re wearing, try pairing it with black sheer tights Patent leather sandals and you’ll find that you don’t always have to suffer to look beautiful (at least in the cold). Transparent stockings are also perfect under one during the day black pleated mini skirt and knee high bootsa slightly smart outfit, but still with character.

Hailey Biebers Calzedonia tights are the most versatile winter tights

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