1673293707 Guys and women Salvatore Di Carlo has been spotted with

Guys and women, Salvatore Di Carlo has been spotted with a new flame

After the end of the marriage with Teresa Cilia, Salvatore DiCarlo Over the months, he became trapped in the company of several girls.

The former admirer of husband and wife longs for lightness after the painful separation. Last November he was spotted in the company of Sofia Tama, Very sensual brunette, semi-finalist of the Miss Italy beauty pageant, with a degree in History of Art.

The two had been paparazzi at a shopping mall on the outskirts of Catania. The photos had immediately made the rounds on the Internet, according to the reports, which arrived punctually in private Deianira Marzano.

A few hours ago, the influencer of Campanian origin also published another indiscretion through his Instagram stories Salvatore DiCarlo. A follower would have sent her the photo of the former suitor accompanied by a girl who was not supposed to be there Tama:

Let’s start the day with a scoop: savior From Karl from Teresa Zilia he got engaged. Maybe it was earlier. pick you

Guys and women Salvatore Di Carlo has been spotted with

No confirmation has come yet From Karl.

Then the marzano he would also have said that he had seen him walking the streets of Milan with a beautiful blonde. At the moment there are no photos of the couple.

The model has finally turned the tide after six years of marriage. He also recently admitted that he had to give up some job offers for the sake of his now ex-wife. However, words are soon refused by the same There is a absolutely mandatory.

The former Tronista has repeatedly hinted that the breakup was due to alleged treason.