Gusttavo Lima cancels the Salvador carnival block after criticism for the price of the Abadá

Gusttavo Lima cancels the Salvador carnival block after criticism for the price of the Abadá

Gusttavo Lima’s trio will no longer take to the streets of Salvador. The Bloco do Embaixador, which would take place on Carnival Monday, February 20th at the BarraOndina circuit, has been cancelled, confirming the Sertanejo’s recommendation R7.

According to the singer’s team, the block has been postponed, and there are plans for 2024. The notice only said “technical issues” caused the cancellation of the presentation at this year’s carnival.

The artist’s office also said that the interruption of the event was due to the artist’s busy schedule, in addition to technical problems. Gusttavo Lima has already scheduled two presentations for Sunday the eve of the block. Read the statement below in full:

“Balada Music announces that the Bloco do Embaixador, commanded by Gusttavo Lima, which took place on February 20th. at the Barra/Ondina circuit (Salvador, BA), has been suspended in the artist’s diary since the end of November for technical reasons and also because of congestion.

The singer already had two performances previously scheduled for Carnival Sunday 2023 (eve of the block) in the city of Recife (PE), scheduled during the pandemic period and scheduled for 02/19. have been postponed a new change is not possible date. In order to face the carnival marathon (which also includes other shows) and to respect the calm and health of the artist and his team, we have decided to suspend the presentation of the Bloco in 2023, which means more than eight hours at the head of the trio would require.”

When it was announced, Gusttavo Lima’s block caused astonishment due to the high price of the abadás, which ranged from R$ 1,000 to R$ 2,000. According to journalist Kadu Brandão, the reason for the cancellation was the stalled sale of the Abadás.

After the controversy surrounding the high ticket prices for Gusttavo Lima’s trio, the singer launched a promotion. The space for those who bought the R$2,000 abadá was turned into an open bar, and anyone who wanted to buy two ordinary abadás paid R$800 for each instead of R$1,000.

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