1672661186 Gusttavo Lima calls for woman to be banned from show

Gusttavo Lima calls for woman to be banned from show

Gusttavo Lima demanded that a woman be removed from his show at a fivestar hotel in Fortaleza, Ceará, early Sunday (1). According to reports from fans on social networks, she is said to have thrown a drink at the compatriot on three different occasions. In the third, the singer lost his temper.

Image illustrating the image Gusttavo Lima demands that the woman be banned from the show

Gusttavo Lima: Confusion in Concert | Photo: Playback/ Instagram

In a video that has been circulating on social media and posted by YouTuber Renato Sertanejeiro, the singer asks the viewer for respect while urging the Marina Park Hotel security guards to remove her from the scene.

“You can take it off or I can take it off. Respect is the minimum, you know, mate? Respect cannot be bought or earned, it is born with it. Speaking of respect, you don’t have it,” said the singer, who also called for spectators’ ticket money to be refunded.

The singer received the support of the duo João Bosco and Gabriel. “I find this lack of respect ridiculous. Unfortunately, that happens too often at shows. Some people who have nothing to do and want to attract attention throw water or beer at the artists. Damn, this is ridiculous. Total lack of respect,” the duo wrote on their Instagram.

At the luxury hotel Marina Park there was a New Year’s Eve party, the entrance fee for which was R$ 700 and R$ 2500, where Gusttavo Lima, Jonas Esticado, Dubdogz and Bruno & Denner also performed.

Splash contacted singer Gusttavo Lima’s advice to understand what happened, but still had no response. He also attempted to confirm the spectator’s eviction with the hotel hosting the event, but to no avail. The place remains open.