Gustavo Mendes sparks controversy after saying he ‘wrongly’ reported a robbery

Gustavo Mendes sparks controversy after saying he ‘wrongly’ reported a robbery

A video Gustavo Mendes, 33, posted to social media on Tuesday (17) has sparked controversy after the comedian said he had wrongly reported being the victim of an attack earlier this month. Last Wednesday (11th), the civil police said that the artist could answer for slanderous denunciation if it could be proven that he had deliberately lied.

Beginning the taping released on Tuesday, the comedian recalls getting two serious ups on his head and that while they didn’t happen the worst, they were given to kill.

Gustavo Mendes then reports that he left a bar at dawn and met what he said was a “shabby woman”. The woman would have asked for money, and the comedian said he gave a harsh response. That’s because, he reported, he was afraid to stop since he was on the road at dawn.

“She’s asking me for money and I have a phrase I always say when I don’t want to give money or don’t have any money: ‘Do you have any money to give me?’ I say: “I have, but I will not”. I told her this sentence and left. She left, told her husband he would be right behind, he came to please me,” he said.

The comedian says the man settled for him and tucked his hand under his shirt. Gustavo Mendes then said he thought it was an attempted robbery. The couple got into a fight, and the man attacked the artist with the stones.

“The fact is I was wrong in that complaint, but the act itself is there. I was the victim of that aggression, I suffered that aggression, and I could be dead now. Violence is something that has been increasing systematically, it’s not just reserved for Juiz de Fora. Violence is a serious problem and in the last four years it has gotten worse everyone knows that because of the increase in poverty etc etc. Stupid to judge me for getting the facts wrong man I have one sustained head trauma,” he said.

repercussions on networks

Many people criticized Gustavo Mendes’ stance, which was also defended by other supporters. “Fake robbery,” commented one social media user. “Season 4 Episode 23,” said another. As one follower pointed out, “It doesn’t matter if it was an attempted robbery or not, what matters is that you were the victim of an attempted murder,” she said.


Earlier this month, the comedian posted a video on social media about what would have happened. He appears with bloodstains on his clothing and his head is bandaged.

“It’s not an act. I’m in Juiz de Fora, I suffered an attempted robbery. It was around 2 a.m., I was on Avenida Independência, in a bar, and as I was leaving there, I was attacked by two men and a woman “They attacked me, I had stitches on my head, it’s still hurting badly hurt. Juiz de Fora seems deserted. My pants are full of blood, the level of aggression is still sinking in me. I never want to suffer that.” But also from the same perspective, I have never been so well attended as at the HPS in Juiz de Fora, by the prime minister, by the fire brigade. I want to thank you all. I wanted to say that Juiz de Fora is not a quiet town to walk around at dawn. Look, this town is deserted,” he said.