Gustavo Mendes, known for his imitation of Dilma Rousseff, goes back and raves about Stoned

Gustavo Mendes, known for his imitation of Dilma Rousseff, goes back and raves about Stoned

Posted in CULTURA on 20230117 8:32 p.m

Known as impersonator of former President Dilma Rousseff, the comedian Gustav Mendes was the center of a controversy, duly accompanied by a series of different versionsafter being hit stoned in the early hours of January 5 in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais. Apparently, the secret of the different versions has been revealed.

On the day of the event, the comedian said in a statement to plainclothes police that his assailants, a man and a woman, had attempted an assault. He even made an informal report to the MPs that at one point in the episode the pair were pretending to be armed. He didn’t talk about the robbery on social media, only that he was attacked and needed stitches.

Surveillance cameras at the site show the moment the attacker picks up two rocks from the ground and throws them at Mendes. The delegate of the case stated at that moment that the comedian could be prosecuted if he made a false statement in the statement. The comedian’s defense didn’t confirm the robbery thesis, but didn’t rule it out either.

Is the mystery over?

Gustavo Mendes used his Instagram account this Tuesday (17) to explain what happened via video. He says that he left a bar in a state of intoxication that morning, which made it difficult for him both to understand how events unfolded and to report on them afterwards. Hence the discrepancy between the versions.

“I don’t remember meeting the wife of the boy who attacked me. According to images from the investigation, a woman stopped me at four in the morning to ask for money, a woman in rags, a real hiker,” he said. Then he asked if the comedian had any money to give to him. “I have it, but I won’t give it to you,” was the reply. Mendes then explains that this is a standard answer that he uses in similar situations.

The woman then called her husband “who was right behind” to reassure herself about the rudeness. Mendes said the couple was angry at the response, but that they weren’t thieves. “So much so that I’m quiet with my phone, there’s nothing stolen. But when he came over to please me, he put his hand under his shirt. I really thought at the time it was an attempted robbery.” After the stones were thrown, the couple left the site.

“The fact is I was wrong about that complaint, but I was a victim of that aggression, I suffered that aggression, I could have been dead at that point. Violence is a serious problem. To judge me for misunderstanding the facts is stupid. I have trauma in my head and I want to get that out of the way because nothing is more important than the truth. (…) Here is my final statement on all of this, because after all, life has to go on, we have to work,” he explained.

Mendes is doing well and better from his injuries according to his own video. He is already thinking about resuming the shows scheduled for next weekend in Goiânia.