Gustavo Mendes changes version of attack report in Juiz de Fora: “I was wrong”

Gustavo Mendes changes version of attack report in Juiz de Fora: “I was wrong”

The civilian police had already ruled out a robbery attempt

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247 Comedian Gustavo Mendes admitted this Tuesday (17) that he was wrong when he claimed to have been the victim of an attempted robbery in Juiz de Fora. The complaint was made by him via video on social media after he was attacked with stones in his head earlier this month. The report comes from the G1 portal.

“The fact is I was wrong about that complaint, but I was a victim of that aggression, I suffered that aggression, I could have been dead at that point.”

In the video released this Tuesday, the comedian changed the previously presented version that he was attacked in response to an attack. Gustavo revealed he refused to give money to a beggar after surveillance camera footage was included in the civilian police investigation.

>>>> Gustavo Mendes appears with his head bandaged after suffering an attempted robbery in Juiz de Fora

“She’s asking me for money and I have a phrase I always say when I’m asked: ‘Do you have any money to give me?’ I say, ‘I have, but I won’t give.’ I said that phrase to her and left. She left, told her husband he would be right behind, he came to please me.”

The comedian denies having acted in bad faith in the situation as he was the victim of severe attacks that left him mentally disoriented in relation to the facts that arose. Mendes also stated that he was at a bar and drinking prior to the situation, which also prevented him from recalling details of the case.

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