Gustavo Marsengo sends a detour to Arthur Aguiar when he

Gustavo Marsengo sends a detour to Arthur Aguiar when he recalls the actor’s betrayal in an interview


Gustavo Marsengo and Laís Caldas were interviewed by Matheus Mazzafera; Video released this Sunday (22)

Gustavo Marsengo and Laís Caldas pinned Arthur Aguiar in an interview© Playback / YouTube @hottelmazzafera / GloboGustavo Marsengo and Laís Caldas pinned Arthur Aguiar in an interview

Gustav Marsengo became one of Arthur Aguiar’s main competitors during the BBB 22which ended last month with the victory of the actor and singer, considered the favorite by most viewers during the broadcast of the program on Globo. However, Laís Caldas’ friend made it clear that he has not forgotten his dissatisfaction and has indirectly done his best.

In the couple’s interview with Matheus Mazzafera, Gustavo made a point of pinning Arthur as he recalled the actor’s betrayal of his wife Maíra Cardi: In the past, the Big Brother Brazil winner was embroiled in controversy when he revealed his affairs outside of the relationship from the businesswoman, who claimed to have 16 lovers. After some time apart, they got back together in late 2021.

“Do you think everyone deserves a second chance? In all sorts of situations?” the moderator asked the couple. Laís was the first to respond: “Yes, but no cheating. Cheating, for me no,” said the doctor.. Gustavo then nudged him: “Did it deserve 16 chances?”. The couple laughed and Laís commented: “I’m glad he [Matheus] not listening.” The host, who is a friend of Maíra’s, replied, “I was listening, but I had nothing to do with it.”

No dinner for Arthur

Last week Matheus published an excerpt from the interview. In it, both are asked who they would call BBB 22 to celebrate their engagement if they decide to swap rings. Both cited some of their fellow inmates such as Linn da Quebrada, Tiago Abravanel, Douglas Silva, Pedro Scooby, Jade Picon, Jessi, Paulo André, Eliezer and Vyni.

When asked about Arthur Aguiar, Gustavo was direct: “No,” he said, receiving the approval of Laís, who negatively shook his head upon hearing the exbrother’s name. Naiara Azevedo would have the lawyer’s approval, but the doctor refused: “So we stayed to talk. I left after that but so far I’m waiting for her to call me to talk. I didn’t call,” she said.