Gustavo and Key supported the approach between Cristian and Paula at BBB 23 Splash

After the widespread bullshit that followed the creation of Paredão on BBB 23 (Globo), viewers discovered a video embroiling Key and Gustavo in Cristian’s “tactics”.

During Gustavo’s first lead, speaking to the pair in the Leader’s Room, Cristian revealed his plan to discover details of the game.

Christian: What do you think of me trying to articulate myself with her and looking for details?

button: I like that.

gustavo: What do you mean you’re trying to get them to try…

Christian: I don’t know, brother. Try to think of something to articulate there and see if she can think of anything. Give a tighter ball.

gustavo: She doesn’t let go, she’s easy. she is smart

button: Yes, she’s smart, but we’re even smarter.

After the conversation, Cristian grew closer to Paula and Bruna, started playing with both and discovering Fourth Desert strategies.

POLL UOL BBB 23: What do you think of Cristian’s double play?