Guime declares himself black and Mano Brown defends him quotSomeone

Guimê declares himself black and Mano Brown defends him: "Someone with their DNA test?"

The rapper defended the funk singer on social media

The rapper defended the funk singer on social media

Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram: @manobrown/ Reproduction globo

Talking to other brothers last Monday evening the 13th the Funkeiro MC Guimetouched on the issue of racial identity and claimed to identify as a black woman.

“I’m even embarrassed to speak because people can interpret it differently,” he pointed out. “Even though I’m this color of skin, I still consider myself black because I feel like I don’t identify with so many things that white people propagate,” argued the funk singer.

The speech caused a resonance on social media, with netizens split to criticize and support the singer’s lines.

In a post on Instagram’s Mundo Negro page, the rapper Mano Braun decided to defend Guimê. “Has anyone got their DNA test out to say they made a mistake?” Brown asked.

Colorism echoes throughout the home

In the afternoon of this Tuesday the 14th, the subject was further discussed between the brothers. Using examples from BBB23 participants, physician Fred Nicácio explained that colorism is a way of distinguishing skin color from blacks and, through this separation, determining how they should be treated.

“Colorism comes from that place of survival strategy and at the same time it causes a lot of pain for black people because one black person wants to be less black than the other in order to survive, we were pushed into that,” the doctor said.

“We have fair blacks like Domi (Domitila Barros), like Paula, we have brown blacks like me and Marvilla and we have jet blacks like Sarah, there are different shades of black,” he added.

At that moment, MC Guimê explained that his mother had the same skin tone and hair as sister Marvilla.

Fred Nicácio also commented that the IBGE combines the black and brown census to give the number of black people in Brazil.

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