Gugus Ex digs up the past to prove a stable connection: “A Matter of Honor”  Splash

Gugus Ex digs up the past to prove a stable connection: “A Matter of Honor” Splash

Thiago Salvático, 34, who claims to have been dating Gugu Liberato (19592019), returned to the limelight after the judiciary rejected a request to recognize a stable connection with the TV presenter.

in conversation with syringes, the chef has dug up the past, reiterated the existence of evidence of the relationship and the reasons that prompted him to file the lawsuit. For him, the process became a matter of honor.

See what he said below:

  • Dating and the alleged evidence. “Gugu and I had an eightyear relationship. It’s a huge body of evidence. In doing so, the yearslong history of daily WhatsApp conversations has been collected, showing some of what we have shared about personal issues”;
  • He claims that he cannot send the vouchers because of judicial secrecy. “I never wanted the subject matter of the lawsuit to become public. Every time I speak to the media, it’s only to defend myself”;
  • Effects on Gugu’s life. “Coming out as gay to the general public would have a major impact on the life of a person like Gugu, who presented programming for the traditional family, had a line for children, and even became Record, a religious broadcaster”;
  • court verdict. “The judge ended the case without even handling it. I submitted the request and he immediately deleted it. Without even hearing the family, the statements, the witnesses, nothing. The family was not even mentioned in the trial”;
  • Thiago will appeal. “Recognition of a stable union is a matter of respect and honor. I never wanted all of that impact on my relationship with Gugu.”

The report went to Gugu’s family press office. However, the representative stressed that the matter was not a matter for the children and therefore would not comment on the judiciary’s decision.

Nelson Wilians’ lawyer, who is representing Rose Miriam, the presenter’s widow, was also contacted but did not return. When you do this, the text will be updated.