Gugu Liberato’s sons resume after inheritance dispute  Emais

Gugu Liberato’s sons resume after inheritance dispute Emais

The twins Sofia and Marina Liberato and João Augusto.

The twins Sofia and Marina Liberato and João Augusto. Photo: Instagram/@marinamliberato

Sofia Liberatodaughter of Gugu Liberato (19592019), surprised Instagram followers by publishing this Tuesday, 9, a video in which he explains himself to the brothers. They fought in court over the claim to the father’s fortune last year and the relationship seemed shattered by then.

In the pictures Sofia and the twin Marina Liberato and the older brother John August appear at family times. “Introducing my brothers who I love so much,” Sofia explained in the publication’s caption.

The contribution has received several awards. “Wonderful family! God bless you,” wrote one follower. “I love this trio,” explained another. “I love you guys so much together,” commented one follower. “How cool! Post more photos of these beautiful moments,” asked another.

After suffering a domestic accident at home in Orlando, USA in November 2019, Gugu Liberato he died. He was 60 years old. In his will, the presenter left 75% of his fortune, worth BRL 1 billion, to be divided equally between his three children. As for the other 25%, he determined that they should also be divided equally among the five nephews.

Family disputes

The twins, João and the aunt, Aparecida Liberato, Gugu’s sister, eventually fought and the case got a lot of internet coverage. Aparecida was appointed executor of the communicator’s inheritance and the heirs voted against her brother in favor of their mother. Rosa Miriam, in the process of recognizing a stable connection with the Father. They also complained that they earned less than João and his grandmother, Mary from Heavenwho receives a pension of around 160,000 real.

In May of this year, the 18yearold fought for alimony in court. According to Em Off columnist Cíntia Lima, they each received $10,000 for the next 12 months. This amount converted to reais is approximately R$47,000.

Sofia and Marina emancipated themselves as minors and are represented by the same lawyer as their mother.