Guerrero and his emotional message after being a figure and

Guerrero and his emotional message after being a figure and scoring a brace with LDU in the semifinals of the Sudamericana

Guerrero and his emotional message after being a figure and

Paolo Guerrero It remains more relevant than ever. The striker of the Peruvian team led the way with his brace LDU of Quito on the way to victory against Defensa y Justicia in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana. The “Predator” scored three goals with Liga Deportiva and all of these goals came in continental competition. A day after the victory, Guerrero made his comments via video on the official LDU account.

The experienced national shooter assured this What he enjoys most is the work and commitment of all his colleagues to face these types of disputes. Furthermore, he reflected and sent a message to young people about how to use and enjoy the present.

“What makes me happy is the victory, the team’s commitment, the sacrifice and dedication that this group has to make in these crucial games. We have to seize these moments and live them because you don’t know what can happen.” “Tomorrow. Life is going on and you don’t know if you will find yourself in these situations again. This is for all young people, let them enjoy this moment,” he said.

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The former racing player He explained that the most important thing to him at the moment is that the team can win and emphasized his pride in being part of the LDU de Quito this season.

“It’s important for a 9 to score goals, it gives you confidence and motivation, but today, at 39, I’m more interested in the team winning. I passed and scored goals for many teams. Now I’m… “I’m happy to be in the league and scoring goals here in a big institution. This makes me very proud and satisfied,” he continued.

In addition, he recalled the promise he made upon his arrival at the Ecuadorian institution to leave everything on the field to bring joy to the fans.

“Since I came I have said: ‘I don’t promise goals, the only thing I can promise is sacrifice on the pitch to bring joy to the fans.’; because they want their team to win. The whole group does this. “We have joined forces and I think we are doing things well,” he said.

Until when does Paolo Guerrero have a contract with LDU?

The contract that the national attacker has with the Albos runs until the end of the year with an option for extension. Since arriving at LDU de Quito in July this year, Guerrero has scored three goals.