1693712908 Gue Pequeno criticizes Venice Red carpet full of assholes girlfriends

Guè Pequeno criticizes Venice: Red carpet full of assholes, girlfriends and influencers music fan page

The rapper criticizes the current Venice International Film Festival in his own way and attacks the VIPs who parade on the red carpet and have little to do with cinema.

Gue Pequeno criticizes Venice Red carpet full of assholes girlfriends

The film exhibition in Venice began a few days ago and this year, as in previous editions, there are comments, swipes, controversies and sarcasm towards the characters who arrive at the Lido and show themselves to the cameras. To put it bluntly: it was in these hours Hello Pequeno. The artist posted a succinct comment on Twitter about the characters he had seen on the catwalk in recent days: “Another Venice with a red carpet full of assholes, girlfriends and influencers who have never seen a film.”

Comment in the typical style of the rapper, who responds kindly to anyone who criticizes his stance, with some users also pointing out that his comment was apparently also intended for some of his colleagues present in Venice this year, including Ernia, Lazza and Geolier. Words that, by the way, could be linked to the statements made last year Giorgia Soleri, the influencer and former partner of Damiano David, who took part in the last edition and is present again this year at the Lido, who explained in a live broadcast in 2022 that she does not value cinema as a form of expression. Words that caused some controversy.

Meanwhile, on August 31st, the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival officially began, one of the most anticipated events of the year in the world of entertainment, where countless directors and actors will present their new films in international preview until September 9th will present. The event opened with two Italian premieres, “L’ordine del tempo” by Liliana Cavani and “Comandante” by Edoardo De Angelis, but what caught the media’s attention could only be the much-discussed red carpet. At the opening event, celebrities traditionally competed in style in long evening dresses, stiletto heels and original accessories, vying for the title of the most glamorous opening. Here you can find all the looks of the evening, including that of the event’s sponsor, the actress Caterina Murino.