Guatemalan police arrest a Cuban migrant

Guatemalan police arrest a Cuban migrant

That Guatemala’s National Civil Police (PNC) arrested a Cuban man this weekend because of irregular entry.

As reported by the institution in their official account Twitterin addition to the Cuban citizen, were intercepted 18 Venezuelans, two Dominicans and one Ecuadorian.

The Department of Ports, Airports and Frontier Posts (DIPAFRONT), affiliated with the PNC, made the arrest at km 177 of the Inter-American Highway in the jurisdiction of Vado Hondo, Chiquimula.

Individuals apprehended because they did not have immigration documents proving their legal residence in the country were sent to the Guatemalan Migration Institute (IGM) to carry out the relevant procedures for their repatriation.

According to the Guatemalan news agency (AGN), DIPAFRONT supported a total of 126 migrants who were staying in the country irregularly this Saturday.

In coordination with the General Subdirectorate for Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis (SGAIA), the PNC is implementing a security plan at the borders with El Salvador and Honduras, covering the areas of Jutiapa, Chiquimula and Izabal, the most popular areas for illegal entry in Guatemala, the said AGN.

Stuard Rodríguez, Director-General for Migration, mentioned according to a Guatevisión report that although the data on migrants in an irregular situation is similar between 2019, 2020 and 2021, there is an increase in people seeking protection and being deported from Guatemala.

Migrants from Cuba lead the detainees awaiting a status check. Out of a total of 1,245, 374 are Cubans; 250, Venezuelans; 217, Hondurans; 144, Salvadoran; and 62, Nicaraguan.

From January 1 to July 28, 2022, 1,163 migrants were deported from Guatemala: 350 Cubans, 248 Venezuelans, 202 Hondurans, 135 Salvadorans and 53 Nicaraguans, according to data reported by the news site.

Cubans intercepted by the PNC could be deported to Cuba. This has happened to citizens of the island who have been arrested on previous occasions.

In days past, 12 Cuban migrants were also arrested and made available to the IGM. the number is rising since living conditions in Cuba are deteriorating.

These migrants They track to reach the border of Mexico with the United States are often victims of traffickers who profit from the desperation of those crossing borders fleeing misery or police harassment. Other times they are turned back by immigration officials and are not even allowed to enter Mexican territory.

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