GTA Online: New Jumbo Car, Contraband Plane Crash and more this week

GTA Online: New Jumbo Car, Contraband Plane Crash and more this week

Grand Theft Auto Online has caught up with the doldrums since the arrival of the Criminal Enterprises expansion. Rockstar Games has added new content every week since, such as with the Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8 that joined the garage by Southern San Andreas Super Autos. We are invited to do that too Search plane wrecks and hideouts to recover contrabandto unlock vehicles in different ways or to take advantage of occasional promotions.

Everything summarized above and valid until at least next Thursday.

The 2000s brought us nothing but disappointments. But for those who remember, they still gave us the superb ZZ-8, the best in the Ruiner family.

The large-caliber Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8 is available now from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

SOS in Los Santos and Blaine County

Watch the sky, rumor has it of a smuggler’s plane sending out a distress signal. If this device crashes, the opportunists would do well to be there to loot the wreckage and confiscate the illegal goods within.

And when you see a flare and smoke in the sky, follow the trail: A mysterious benefactor has been hiding contraband in remote areas of southern San Andreas, ready to deliver his treasures.

Premium deluxe motorsport showroom

Visit the Simeon Showroom to admire, test drive and buy directly the following vehicles:

  • A classic red Vapid Speedo previously unavailable in GTA Online;
  • A classic beige Weeny dynasty decorated with the taxi motif!
  • A Concrete Silver Metallic Vulcar Fagaloa adorned with the Classic Stripes motif;
  • A classic Karin Sultan in classic olive green adorned with the Tribal Souvenir pattern;
  • A racing yellow metallic Declasse Impaler decorated with the Lowrider motif.

Luxury car showroom

Cross the street from Record A Studios to reach the Luxury Autos showroom offering the all-new Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8 in classic orange. This week you’ll also find a 50% off Ocelot Pariah in an iridescent dark steel color with the prettiest effect and adorned with the Ocelot Band motif.

Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

  • Hao’s premium test vehicle: the superiority Sentinel XS.
  • HSW’s time trial of the week.

Bonuses in Biker Club HQ contracts and more

Complete any HQ Contract this week to earn 50% additional GTA$ & RP plus a bonus GTA$200,000 (will be awarded within 72 hours).

Players who log into GTA Online before August 24th will receive a free pair of Leopard Stripe sliders to keep them cool.

Plus, there’s still time to complete an Arms Deal, Nightclub Warehouse, Biker Club, or Special Cargo sell mission to get free Beat Off White Headphones.

Double GTA$ & RP in Land and Air Races

This week, mitigate the cost of your health insurance behind the wheel or in the cockpit as all land and air races pay out Double GTA$ & RP to those who dare try their luck.

Autoshow award winner: the Vapid Retinue

Successful drivers who place in the top 5 in Street Race Events for two consecutive days will receive the keys to the Vapid Retinue, a popular rally car that will stand the test of time with ease.

Try the Coil Cyclone, the Emperor ETR1 and the Pfister Comet S2

Drop by the LS Auto Show test track to take a lap around the Coil Cyclone, Emperor ETR1 and Pfister Comet S2, or race against other members during a rush or solo in a time trial without paying a penny have to.

On the Diamond Casino podium: the classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Don’t forget to spin the Wheel of Fortune every day at the Diamond Casino & Hotel to win GTA$ and other prizes like the classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT found on the adjacent podium.

GTA+ benefits

This month’s perks for GTA+ subscribers include:

  • The sporty Lampadati Corsita;
  • improvements for your office;
  • Free clothes and accessories;
  • 50% more GTA$ and RP in Operation Paper Trail missions;
  • Additional bonuses reserved for subscribers.

For a list of all GTA+ membership benefits available through August 31st, visit the GTA+ website. Check out the GTA+ guide to find out how to get the most out of your GTA+ subscription.

special offers

Make sure your biker club business runs smoothly: HQs get 40% off Maze Bank Foreclosures, while biker jackets are 50% off at clothing stores around town.

Would you like to complete your vehicle collection? You are in the right place…

  • -40% on Biker HQ
  • -50% on biker jackets
  • -50% on the Ocelot Pariah
  • -40% on the classic Karin Sultan
  • -50% to the Pegassi Swirl
  • -40% on the Declasse Impaler
  • -40% to the custom of the Willard faction
  • -40% to the Benefactor Glendale

Next week we have some great surprises in store for Sprunk and eCola enthusiasts looking to represent their brand in GTA Online. In addition, Lamar needs you to find his missing goods, you can discover a new weapon and much more.

Prime Gaming Benefits

Link your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive a GTA$125,000 bonus just for playing GTA Online this week.

All bonus GTA$ will be credited to your Maze Bank account within 72 hours of the start of the next weekly event. To get the next benefits, go to Prime Gaming and sign up.

For latecomers, GTA V – Premium Edition is available from €19.95 on