Grief!  soap opera star "wetland" has confirmed death at the age of 74 after lung complications and hospitalization in Rio de Janeiro

Grief! soap opera star "wetland" has confirmed death at the age of 74 after lung complications and hospitalization in Rio de Janeiro

Unable to resist pulmonary complications, PlotStar died

The Pantanal soap opera was the most successful on TV Globo, and since it was widely shared, the plot is a remake, that is, a reinterpretation of the first version, which was shown in 1990. In its original exhibition, the feature section with big stars, attracted the attention of the public and several actors were able to stand out, including Cláudio Marzo, who gave life to José Leôncio.

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The veteran was one of the soap opera’s big stars, but his death was confirmed on March 22, 2015 at the age of 74. The actor had some lung complications and was promptly admitted to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, even with care the famous could not resist and died. The Pantanal star made her TV Globo debut in the 1965 soap opera A Moreninha. He was the romantic partner of Regina Duarte in the big hits “Véu de Noiva” and “Irmãos Coragem”.

Cláudio Marzo gives life to Zé Leôncio and Velho do Rio (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)Cláudio Marzo gave life to Zé Leôncio (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)


Just like the veteran who was one of the stars of “Pantanal”, another actor who succeeded in the plot has already left us. This is Jairo Lourenço who plays Otávio in the first version of the storyline. The artist died on November 29, 2021 at the age of 69. The reason for his departure was multiple organ failure following a stroke.

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In recent years, the actor lived in São José dos Pinhais but was born in Curitiba. The veteran was not only one of the stars of “Pantanal”, but also a producer, illuminator and figurehead. His curriculum includes hit soap operas like Vale Tudo, a storyline that projected him on television and was the stepping stone to solidify himself in that segment.

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