Gretchen takes on Shack She disrespected my husband

Gretchen takes on Shack: She disrespected my husband

A video of Gretchen arguing at the door of a tire shop went viral this afternoon. In the pictures, the singer and her husband, the musician Esdras de Souza, complain to a man with glasses who appears standing that it is forbidden to park in front of their house.

This columnist from syringes looked for the eternal “queen of the role” to understand what happened.

Gretchen explains, “That guy who’s complaining didn’t respect my husband. I called SEMOB [SuperintendĂȘncia Executiva de Mobilidade Urbana, de BelĂ©m] because he wanted to stand in front of my garage, he said he wouldn’t go and that was it.”

In the pictures, released by Instagram @tapanafofoca, Gretchen appears talking to the man who was always a friend of the rubber shop’s neighbors. However, it is worth remembering that back in May, the singer took to social media to film a series of videos in which she denounced the tire shop for irregular parking in front of her house.

According to her, that doesn’t happen anymore: “They used to stop there, but now they don’t, they’re legal and correct. It was this guy who stopped who also disrespected Ezra. I called the government agency and.” he was punished.”

The Complete Singer:

The man said that Esdras could take pictures, that he didn’t care. I called SEMOB and he continued to disrespect me. Nobody respects my husband.

Rumors about Ezra

Gretchen also went viral earlier this week after speaking out about rumors that her husband Esdras de Souza was gay. Haters of the saxophonist have sent hate messages attacking him.

“There are people who worry and say that he [Esdras de Sousa] gay is that it burns, that it doesn’t burn. If he burns or doesn’t burn, that’s his problem!” the artist began.

“[O problema] Not even me that I’m his wife! It’s his problem! And if there’s a fire, what’s the problem? It’s something guys, don’t you have anything to do?” Gretchen said.

Gretchen and Esdras de Souza pose for a sensual photoshoot  Publicity/ Pablo Roniere  Publicity/ Pablo Roniere

Gretchen and Esdras de Souza pose for a sensual shoot

Image: Disclosure / Pablo Roniere