Gretchen Says She Had Intimate Surgery: ‘Everything’s New Here’

Gretchen Says She Had Intimate Surgery: ‘Everything’s New Here’

Singer Gretchen, 64, has had cosmetic surgery in recent days. The artist performed procedures on her face and abdomen.

What Gretchen hadn’t told him was that she had also operated on her genitals. Taking to social media, she explained that she underwent intimate plastic surgery to rejuvenate and tighten the area.

“Hello dears, yes, today I read on Facebook that we look like two dolls, that we are artificial, that I look like a prankster,” the dancer began.

“That I should operate in these places? Well I do!” he commented.

Then the singer announced more details about the outcome of the procedure. “I did a vaginal rejuvenation and the girl is beautiful, young, young and toned and my husband loves it! See you even worry about my ‘Piriquita’ you know she looks great better than ever. Everything is new here.”