Greissy Ortega cries and breaks her silence Italo beat me

Greissy Ortega cries and breaks her silence: “Ítalo beat me, he never got over my past”

E PRONUNCIATION. Greissy Ortega On Magaly TV: La Firme, she burst into tears after confirming the end of her marriage to Ítalo Villaseca. The Colombian assured that her ex-partner physically attacked her and that she would never be able to overcome her past.

TROME – Magaly TV: La Firme

“He got up and hit me (…) He is a man who has been with me for 9 years and has never been able to get over my past,” he is heard saying in the preview of Magaly Medina’s show.

As already mentioned, in 2014 Greissy Ortega She was involved in an infidelity scandal with Edwin Sierra and Milena Zárate, and shortly afterwards she married the father of her children.

Greissy Ortega was pregnant and lost her daughter

In an interview with Trome, Greissy Ortega confirmed that she was pregnant but lost her daughter. “My daughter was not born because God had other plans for her. and I know that for myself too. Now she is a little angel who takes care of her little brothers and also me,” he said.

“What kept me by Italo’s side is the great love I had for him and that my children are by his side, but sometimes it’s not good to fight for things that make you realize they’re not the same “How you want and how you feel,” he said.