Greece: Woman stabbed to death by husband in Crete village

Greece: Woman stabbed to death by husband in Crete village

The 56-year-old woman was killed in a domestic dispute at her home. Police arrested her husband after being warned by the couple’s son.

Police on Sunday arrested a man in his 60s who confessed to stabbing his 56-year-old wife to death in a village on the southern Greek island of Crete. The media and NGOs deplored a “new murder of women” in the country.

According to initial police reports, the tragedy happened at the Greek couple’s home in the village of Ano Malaki in Rethymno prefecture, Crete, during a marital dispute.

Police were warned by the couple’s son, while the killer turned himself in to authorities by confessing to his crime, Greek News Agency (Ana) reported.

A “long list of feminicides” in the country

Media and feminist NGOs have in recent years denounced “this new femicide that adds to the long list of femicides,” pundits denouncing the macho culture of Greek society.

Last November, the Assembly of Presidents of the Bar Associations warned of the rise in gender-based violence after thirteen femicides were recorded in the country between January and November 2021.

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