Greece Sheep eat more than 270 kg of cannabis their

Greece: Sheep eat more than 270 kg of cannabis, their strange behavior gives them away

During a severe storm in Greece, a flock of sheep tried to protect themselves by taking refuge in a greenhouse where cannabis was being grown. Hungry, the sheep ate more than 270 kg.

It’s a strange diet that benefited the sheep of a flock near Almyros in Greece. When Storm Daniel hit the country hard and caused heavy rain, the flock of sheep fled to a nearby greenhouse where medical cannabis was being grown.

To satisfy their hunger, the animals accidentally ate more than 270 kg of cannabis from the greenhouse. According to Newsweek, the shepherd quickly noticed his flock was exhibiting “strange behavior” before realizing what the sheep had eaten. “They discovered something green and ate it,” Yannis Bourounis, owner of the farm, tried to explain.

According to him, the sheep “jumped higher than the goats, which never happens.” “We had a heat wave. Then the floods. We lost almost everything. And now this… The herd ate everything that was left,” he complained. In Greece, the government legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2017. In 2023, the country inaugurated its first-ever medical cannabis production facility.