Grand Hotel 3 / Advances August 25, 2022: Twist on Belen and Andres

Grand Hotel 3 / Advances August 25, 2022: Twist on Belen and Andres

Grand Hotel 3 Pre-Episode August 25, 2022: Belen and Andres Still Alive!

Penultimate date with grand hotel 3: Thursday August 25, 2022 A new episode will be broadcast on Canale5 aimed at revealing new twists to the fascinating events taking place inside the luxury hotel. The public will indeed learn shocking truths about it Belen and Andres, ready to shock all the protagonists of the Spanish series. Let’s find out in detail what will happen in the next episode.

In the first episode of grand hotel 3 that we will see on August 25, 2022, Belén, believed to have been murdered by Andres, arrives at the Grand Hotel in tears after learning of her husband’s death. His return surprises everyone. For her part Julio and Maite are concerned about the hasty departure of Alice. They don’t believe it and they’re not the only ones. The two set off on his trail. At the same time, Andrés, hale and hearty, is hiding from everyone and decides to give the family inheritance to his mother Sofia confront father Grayand javier trying to prove Laura and Ayala’s madness…

Grand Hotel 3, Advance August 25, 2022: Diego takes revenge on his wife’s lover

grand hotel 3 continues with another episode on the evening of August 25, 2022. Diego now he knows the identity of his wife’s lover: it is julio, and is angry to hear this. while the latter, Maite and Donna Teresa While trying to free Alicia, who is locked in an underground cell, Diego shoots Julio and seriously wounds him. Donna Teresa then asks for help Jesus. However, her plans are in jeopardy, so she has to ask her accomplice to join her at the Grand Hotel.

Belen noticed, that Andrew he’s still alive, but he pretends not to know. In the meantime, angela tries to get used to his new condition, Alfredo discovered the truth about the betrayal Sofia and is considering getting a divorce, but she has to leave the Grand Hotel. Eventually Sofia gets fired by her husband and javier She wants her marriage annulled as soon as possible…