Government reports that 8 cases of voter abandonment and 7

Government reports that 8 cases of voter abandonment and 7 illegal transport of voters were registered

The Bulletin (2) published by the Ministry of Justice this Sunday morning informs that until 8:35 a.m. the following events were recorded during the nationwide vote:

  • Exit Events: 8th;
  • Cases of illegal voter transport: 7;
  • Violation of voting secrecy: Zero.

In total, more than 156 million Brazilians are eligible to vote in this year’s elections. Voters must vote for federal legislators, state legislators (or county legislators), senators, governors, and presidents of the republic.

The electoral law prohibits candidates, party bodies and others from providing transportation or meals to voters. The purpose of this rule, according to the Supreme Electoral Court, is to prevent the unauthorized recording of votes.

It is also an electoral crime to buy votes for personal gain of any kind, including employment or public service.

The electoral regulations also state that no one can prevent or prevent another person from voting. If found guilty, the perpetrator faces up to six months in prison.

In addition to this information, the federal police published another bulletin, according to which (until 8:47 a.m.):

  • Flagrants in progress: 7;
  • Requests started: 4;
  • brought to the police station: 49;
  • Money confiscated: BRL 55,030.00.

Federal police also reported that they caught a man in Lisbon, Portugal, trying to impersonate someone else while voting. He has been charged and will face election crime charges. The penalty is up to three years imprisonment.