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Government of Nepal Promotes Electric Car Industry

While touring a car exhibition in Kathmandu, Nepal’s Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Shakti Bahadur Basnet stressed the importance of boosting the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) for environmental protection.

In this regard, he stressed that it is a priority for the government to build more charging stations across the country to facilitate the implementation of the initiative.

He mentioned that cooperation of the private sector was encouraged in the construction of the stations as well as the Nepal Electricity Authority for the management of the transmission system and transformers.

Minister Basnet reiterated that this is an example of the government’s decision to support the electric vehicle industry and create an appropriate environment for its promotion.

He also noted the recent installation of 51 charging stations and the intention to build more to promote the use of electric cars.

He noted that promoting environmentally friendly initiatives also makes it possible to reduce the country’s dependence on imported petroleum products.

During a meeting with auto show attendees, Basnet learned about business owners’ concerns about demanding additional tax exemptions for the electric vehicle industry.