Government and ELN of Colombia appreciated the openness of the

Government and ELN of Colombia appreciated the openness of the Peace Dialogue

A joint communiqué indicated that the parties agreed to maintain communication mechanisms during the periods when the dialogue table is not meeting and announced the start of the second cycle of negotiations for next February 13 in Mexico.

At this meeting, the issue of society’s involvement in building peace in the nation of New Granada will be addressed and at the same time discussions will begin to be held and a bilateral ceasefire agreed.

He also referred to the text read by the Mexican State representative in order to conduct a joint review of the achievements and difficulties in implementing the agreements reached in the first cycle.

The Dialogue Table noted that this extraordinary meeting helped to ratify and strengthen the principles on which these dialogues are conducted: the agreements are to be fulfilled, bilaterality, political character, mutual recognition, trust and good faith are emphasized he.

The statement thanked the media for their understanding, respect for confidentiality required on some issues, and for their willingness to publicize the achievements, scope and overcoming of difficulties in the talks.

He also appreciates all the suggestions, criticisms, proposals, demands and initiatives of the Colombian society for a good development of this process.

He also highlighted the mobilization of communities, like those now taking part in the humanitarian caravan through parts of Colombia, in favor of building safe and lasting paths to peace.

The parties appreciated Venezuela’s hospitality and diligent engagement in coordinating all activities for the good success of the talks and appreciated Mexico’s willingness to host the second cycle of peace talks.

They also thanked the other Guarantee Countries, Chile, Cuba and Norway, and the accompanying persons who showed their willingness and committed themselves to this process.

They also paid tribute to the constant companions of the Colombian Bishops’ Conference and the Secretary General of the United Nations through his special representative in Bogotá and in particular the UN Security Council for their commitment to this peace process.