Gossip Girl Creusa reveals the identity of Brisas birth father

Gossip Girl Creusa reveals the identity of Brisa’s birth father in Travessia

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Creusa (Luci Pereira) and Brisa (Lucy Alves) in Travessia


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In scenes soon to be broadcast in Travessia, Cidália (Cássia Kis) and Guerra (Humberto Martins) fall victim to a terrorist attack planned by Núbia’s son (Drica Moraes). But everything can change. Since Gloria Perez tinkers with the story.

“War and Cidália. Vehicle overview. Explosion. It’s not one of those who finish the car on time. But enough for Guerra to lose direction and overturn the car. Firefighters trying to revive the war. Movement. This noise typical of an accident… The two stretchers rush to the hospital. You cannot see the state of either Guerra or Cidália.” underlines the playwright in her screenplay.

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Breeze’s father

After that fact Brisa (Lucy Alves) discovers through Creusa (Luci Pereira) that Guerra (Humberto Martins) is her biological father. Such a confession causes the washerwoman to panic.

Despite knowing the health of Ari’s soninlaw (Chay Suede), Brisa will face her father.

Guerra (Humberto Martins) and Brisa (Lucy Alves) in Travessia

“(Hospital Corridor/Window/War) Breeze on War Room window. From her point of view, Guerra is lying down and not looking. Breeze knocks on the glass. war gaze. His reaction when he saw Breeze like it took a second to place himself. Brisa tries to ask if everything is ok with gestures. Guerra replies in the affirmative.” describes Gloria Perez in her text.


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