1672698392 Google reveals roadmap for devices to 2025 Cell phones

Google reveals roadmap for devices to 2025? – Cell phones

It’s always interesting to know what brands have in store for us, and it seems that a well-informed person managed to get their hands on the roadmap of one of the major players in the smartphone space, Google. The plans would be drawn up by 2025. Here are all the details.

Leaks about new smartphones and tablets are fairly regular. We are aware that, with a few exceptions, the different brands and manufacturers do not manage to keep the technical data sheets and designs secret for long. Thus, the biggest such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo and many others are regularly the subject of rumors and often leaks, most of which are then confirmed during the official presentation of the products. One of the last leaks of 2022 concerns the American giant Google. And it not only describes the next product from the Mountain View company, but also thatRange of mobile devices expected to be launched between 2023 and 2025only that!


2023 the Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold but also Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

It is an anonymous source who reported the information to the Android Authority website as they believe it is serious. She points it outThe next smartphone from the American brand would be the Google Pixel 7a. Currently, the device is codenamed Lynx. He could enjoy the conference Google I/O will take place in May 2023 to make an official announcement and present the product to the world with its design and full technical sheet. During this event, the American giant could also formalize its first foldable smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold (if that’s his name) spotted under the codename Felix. Keep in mind that this is a phone that folds in on itself like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 or the Oppo Find N, for example.

Google reveals roadmap for devices to 2025 Cell phones

A little later in 2023, according to its calendar, Google could introduce the successors to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro which, according to the source, would not bring much change from their respective predecessors, both in terms of design and technical characteristics.

A range that could change in 2024

It is in 2024 that the real changes may take place, according to the source reported by the Android Authority website. As a matter of fact, he would prepare the Pixel 8a, already known by the codename Akita and that we were able to find at a price of a little less than $500. But that has to be taken into account The release depends on the sale of the Pixel 7a because if the numbers are not good, Google could change its tune and adopt a different strategy, putting its successor in the corner and forgetting about it for a while, only to release it a little later to follow a presentation of an “a” model every two years instead of an annual release of this mid-range version.

The Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro could be official in fall 2024. It was said thata third version could be presented. This would cradle the components of a Pixel 9 Pro into the Pixel 9’s more compact body.

A clamshell model for 2025

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been available for a number of years and other models based on this principle are coming onto the market, there is one Clamshell Mobile, Google’s, may not arrive until 2025. However, the American giant could adopt a different strategy when it sees that this format has some success, which would encourage it to move forward with its projects for such a device or, on the contrary, leave it aside until the market is really ready, to accept it.
All of these clues are of course to be taken with tweezers, as Google’s plans may differ slightly or change depending on market developments.