Google Recruiter interviewed candidate after finding out hed lost his

Google Recruiter interviewed candidate after finding out he’d lost his job

Google Recruiter interviewed a candidate when they found out they had lost their job

Google announced last week that it was eliminating 12,000 roles

New Delhi:

A man who worked as a recruiter at Google said he found out in the middle of a job interview last Friday that he had been fired from the tech giant.

In a LinkedIn post, Dan Lanigan Ryan said he was interviewing a candidate when he was disconnected and locked out of his system.

“Unfortunately I was fired from Google last Friday along with many thousands of others. I wasn’t expecting it to end so abruptly, fading out of the system in the middle of a call,” read Mr Ryan’s LinkedIn post.

The former Google employee called it “a dream job at a dream company.”

“A little over a year ago I landed a dream job at a dream company. I was walking the dog when my recruiter called to say I got the job and I almost choked the poor pooch that I celebrated so much,” he wrote.

Speaking to Business Insider, Mr. Ryan said he tried to access an internal company website during last Friday’s call but was unable to.

He said shortly after he lost access to the company’s website, his email was also blocked.

“I was excluded from everything. And then I saw on the news about 15, 20 minutes later that Google was announcing 12,000 layoffs,” Business Insider quoted him as saying.

Google announced last week that it was eliminating 12,000 roles. Although speculation about the cuts has been going on for months, the layoffs for some employees still came as a shock to the system.

Chief Executive Sunder Pichai has stressed that the cuts have been made after careful consideration. “We have decided to reduce our workforce by around 12,000 positions. We have already sent a separate email to the affected employees in the US. In other countries, this process will take longer due to local laws and practices,” Mr Pichai said in a statement.

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