Google Denies Stadia Shutdown Rumors

Google Denies Stadia Shutdown Rumors

This rumor sent the internet into a panic this weekend: stagesthe game streaming service by GoogleHe would experience his final moments. The Mountain View company would intend to go out of business by the end of this summer and once again shelved another of its online services as it failed to convince a user base.

The rumor, which has been circulating across social media and media, has reached such proportions that Google took to Twitter last Friday to claim that Stadia isn’t shutting down any time soon…

Google Denies Stadia Shutdown Rumors


No shutdown planned for Google Stadia

A review of the events of July 28th. Killed by Google, a reputable account for posting obituaries on the many services started by Googleand by the way fierce critic of GAFA, published a long report on Twitter. According to his internal sources within the company, Google would have an “exit plan” for stages in the boxes presented to employees during a seminar in California last weekend.

The closure of the service is then planned “by the end of the summer”, without any project “transfer of services and servers” being planned. Clearly, cloud gaming is over stages would simply be abandoned, much like the late Google Play Music service. Killed by Google also claims that the news would then be announced to users at least a month in advance, with a full refund of their last monthly payment.

We had to wait until the next day to get an official cancellation Google on the official Twitter account of stages. In response to a question about this alleged closure, Google simply responded that “Stadia won’t be closing,” and as he moves forward, assuring players “always at work to bring great games back to the platform,” with no further details. It couldn’t be clearer.

In the more concrete timeliness of the service stages recently introduced the “Click to Play” option, which allows users to try a selection of free demos of their service’s games directly from their web browser without having to create an account.