Google changes direction the update that scares all users a

Google changes direction: the update that scares all users a little

It seems that a real game changer is about to happen at Google. The new update warns users because the novelty conceived by Big G could change things forever. Here are all the details

Even if today Google Considered the number one search engine in the world, much of the credit goes to the team of developers who work daily to make everything work and always ready to answer consumer questions. Exactly in that sense, soon there may be important news. google 20220110 mobiles.itBig news for Google, an update that will last for a long time and cause controversy (Adobe Stock)

We are indeed witnessing days of great change for Big G We just told you a few days ago about the new system that will take advantage of it artificial intelligence, with the ultimate goal of getting even closer to the “human spirit”. But not only that, as there is a shift in direction that could worry consumers.

Google algorithm, here’s what’s changing and for how long

Among the main innovations that Google is planning for its search engine, there is an important change related to the algorithm. We’re talking about them page ranking, this is the system that determines the order of the pages that will be displayed after entering the keywords in the appropriate bar. If Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s initial rules were thought of in a “basic” way, they’re all right now 200 parameters which are updated regularly.

Nobody knows exactly how it all works. It’s a secret and it’s destined to remain so over time. However, from what transpires, the Mountain View giant seems to have decided to play an increasingly bigger role Optimizing content for the web. In addition to the value attributed to the content published by a particular website. Updating the algorithms, as explained by Google itself, could introduce some inefficiencies. As has happened several times in the past.

However, it has to be said after the last upgrade Executed last August, hundreds of portals saw some significant increases in traffic and revenue. Many have wondered how long this will take. The Twitter account Google Search Headquarters pointed out that the latest update is now halfway done and should be complete in about a week. We’ll see with what consequences.