Goodbye ‘VLA’: After 17 years with TV Azteca, Cynthia Rodríguez resigns and bids a tearful goodbye

Goodbye ‘VLA’: After 17 years with TV Azteca, Cynthia Rodríguez resigns and bids a tearful goodbye

Posted in PROMINENTS on 08/11/2022 08:55

Mexico City.- A few moments ago the beloved actress and presenter Cynthia Rodriguez confirmed by his own voice that this is true resignation to drive from come the joy and who withdraws Aztec television after 17 years form part of their ranks. In the last few days, rumors about his departure from This Morning Show had surfaced and many even speculated that he already had an important offer TV.

On the morning of this Thursday, August 11, the former student of The Academy He returned to the forums of TV channel Ajusco after going off the air at the end of May. After more than two months of vacation, Cyn returned VLA but unfortunately only to announce his departure, although he also shared some very important news. Finally the moderator confirms that he is married with her famous boyfriend Charles Rivera.

Born in Monclova, Coahuila, she recalled that while she and the singer are very discreet about their private lives, they didn’t want to miss the moment to speak about their big day in front of their “Venga La Alegría family”: “That was it as I had to be, it was a big dream. We are very happy, if you want details ask Chino”. The Argentine Borghetti duck asked him directly for his details wedding but she said she would not release any further information.

I’m very lucky because I’m with the best man in the world, I feel very lucky, very satisfied… Love can’t be hidden,” she said.

Then the drivers VLA They asked Rodríguez if it was true that she was leaving the show and she replied that she was sadly leaving the show she joined in 2019 quite a show was cancelled. the controversial Horace Villalobos He asked the obligatory question, telling him if it was true that he was going to San Ángel: “Hey, but at work the magazines say you go to ‘holy’ and ‘merciful’ Televisa, is that right? “

no I’m telling you, I’m here, as a large part of the public knows, who have written to me a great deal. I’m coming to say goodbye to Venga La Alegría, but I’m not coming to say goodbye to TV Azteca,” he said.

Explaining that she would not be leaving the ranks of TV Azteca like everyone thought, Cynthia explained that she would indeed be taking off the air to enjoy this new chapter of her life as a newlywed, clarifying that she would have to travel several times and I have projects on the horizon, but these are just “personal” issues.” and not with any other TV channel: “It’s something very important that I have to make clear: I don’t have a project in any company at this point in my life, I have not planning to go anywhere and if i wanted to be in a morning show i would be here in venga la joy that it is my house they are my friends and they are the best morning program.

Drivers cry when they fire Cynthia

Newly married Carlos Rivera also appeared on the show Venga la Alegría, but only through a special video that he sent to his wife to congratulate her on the decision to quit her job. The driver he was moved to tears and done drowned in tears She listened to the beautiful words her lover said to her and assured that he was not expected to respond to her departure either.

Hi beauty. I know that today is an important and special day for you in this conclusion of the cycle that has brought you much joy. What comes, I know, is equal or full of joy, because it comes from the heart, it comes from the soul, it comes from love. We’ll make sure it’s just as wonderful and full of joy,” said Carlos.

Cynthia bursts into tears when she receives a text from Carlos Rivera

Source: Tribune and Twitter @vengalaalegria